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Canmore offers a lucrative real estate investment opportunity for anyone looking to take advantage of the popularity of tourism in the Bow Valley.

Short-term rentals are a savvy alternative to traditional hotel rooms, where owners offer the comforts of home along with personal touches to create the unique experience desired by many travellers. Canmore is uniquely positioned as a strong four-season rental market that brings in tourists year-round, making the short-term market worthwhile.

It's been said that success comes from identifying and developing a focus or niche that allows you to distinguish yourself from the competition; this is definitely one of ours.

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Banff''s strict zoning regulations have paved the way for tourist to flourish in Canmore. Unlike Banff, vacation rentals are legal in Canmore and creating a huge opportunity for short-term rentals to pick up the overflow from Banff - a town that boasts some of the highest nightly rates in all of Canada! Canmore short-term rentals on AirBnB and VRBO average 66% occupancy, $258/night rates, and $3,924 in monthly revenue. These properties are located within a walking distance to many of Canmore's trendy restuaruants, boutique shops, Elevation Place, walking trails, gyms, and more!

Zoning classifications

Visitor Accomodation

Visitor accommodation units are only to be used for short-term vacation stays only, with a maximum stay of 30 days. They are not allowed to be maintained as full-time residences.

Tourist Home

Tourist home zoning is the most flexible, as they can be rented out short-term and long-term, as well as used recreationally or residentially. by the owner.


Canmore Investment Property Estimated Revenue


Canmore offers lots of unique short-term rental opportunities with different features, benefits, and zoning restrictions. Make sure you are prepared to enter the investment market in the bow valley with our real estate investor guide, covering important details like rental income expectations, zoning rules, and what to look for in your property search!

The Real Estate in Canmore Team Investor's Guide

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